Knocked Up Podcast – Sexual Concerns with Chantelle Otten

Posted on 12 October 2020

Today with Chantelle we’re going to talk about sexual concerns – things that might come up more commonly than we realise and may not know that there is help available. Especially when trying to conceive such concerns can put even more pressure on an already fragile situation.

We give an overview of how these concerns impact your sexual performance and self esteem: Vaginismus, Erectile concerns, Relationship pressure, Ejaculatory issues, Deep pain, Endometriosis, Post abortion and Vulvodynia.

Chantelle Otten is an internationally acclaimed Psycho-Sexologist based in Melbourne. With her background in scientific research, sexual medicine, and counselling, Chantelle believes that sexuality and self-esteem are an integral part of life, which everyone is entitled to and that Good sexual health should always be enjoyable, pain free and without prejudice.
Through our series The Sex Tapes we will be discussing a range of topics including the female orgasm, sexual concerns, sex for conception and sexual self-esteem through life stages.For more information about Chantelle you can visit her websiteinstagram profile and listen to her new podcast, Sexy Stories with Chantelle Otten, also available on Apple podcasts.


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