What are the real benefits to Naturopathic care – 100 days before conception 

Posted on 11 April 2021

The fertility journey is different for every woman but there are some key things that remain important for everyone.

Ensuring that your body is in optimal health and ready to conceive is vital for every body. In an an initial preconception appointment we will discuss the significance of diet and nutrition as well as how supplements can be helpful during this time.

Herbal medicine may also be recommended in order to prepare the body for conception as well as to support menstural irregularities and conditions that may get in the way of a conception.

Follow up consultations will discuss the initial treatment and see how things have been going. This is also a great opportunity to discuss cycle tracking and look at other questions that may arise around when you may be ovulating, mucous changes, and other symptoms related to hormonal changes.
Preconception support along with pregnancy care are great first step in ensuring that you are supported and aim to achieve the best outcomes for a healthy pregnancy.

How Georgia and her practice of Naturopathic care can support you  in the 100 days before conception

Ensuring vitamin and mineral profile is optimal 

– Especially important after long term pill use

– Supporting preconception diet – focussing on foods that create optimal fertility.

– Individualised plans based on the needs of each woman. PCOS, pill depletion etc.

Supporting and balancing hormones 

– Aiming to support regular cycles

– Using herbal medicine to support regularity and healthy cycles

– Diet with focus on blood sugar support

Fertility education 

– Learning to keep track of cycles

– Understanding signs of fertility

Managing stress and anxiety around conception and pregnancy 

– Herbal medicine and mineral supplements to support nervous system

– Lifestyle practises

Getting the body ready for ART. Helping to support modern medicine.

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