Menopause Management and Well Woman Care

The definition of menopause is the absence of menstrual periods for greater than 12 months. Before this occurs, most women begin to notice a series of changes – termed the “peri- menopause”. While the hormonal transition into menopause is a natural event, the associated symptoms can be distressing. Disturbed sleep, mood changes and uncomfortable “hot flushes” can negatively impact on quality of life. Local effects of lower estrogen levels can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable.

Women going through the menopause have many healthy, happy and active years in their future. At Women’s Health Melbourne, our holistic approach is targeted to symptom relief and also includes bone, breast and general health assessments. Creating individually tailored treatment plans, we help women make a healthy transition beyond menopause.

Dr Raelia Lew and Dr Tzippora Ben-Harim have a specific interest and expertise in the hormonal and non-hormonal management of hot flushes and other menopause symptoms.