Georgia Borowski – Fertility Naturopath

Georgia is a passionate and empathetic Fertility Naturopath. Naturally curious and passionate she endeavours to achieve optimal health and well being for herself and her patients.

Graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) she has continued to expand on her education ever since. Since graduating she has furthered her study with a certificate in Fertility education along with a certificate in Breastfeeding education with the Australian Breast feeding Association.

Georgia is passionate about supporting women. She cherishes being able to help patients through preconception care, pregnancy and post natal care. As a mother of 3 she understands just how important support is through this time. Georgia also loves seeing young women going through new changes, encouraging healthy natural cycles, clean eating, skin health, PCOS, irregular and painful cycles and stress throughout this time.

Georgia has an integrative approach to treatment, taking traditional knowledge of herbs and foods and combining this with a more evidence based approach to achieve a great outcome.

A member of the National Herbalist Association, Georgia attends many seminars throughout the year to develop her knowledge and keep up to date with current studies and recommendations.

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