When freezing eggs, not all clinics are the same.

Posted on 23 December 2017

When freezing eggs, not all clinics are the same. Here’s why I choose to align my practice at Women’s Health Melbourne with Melbourne IVF.

Trusted experts with runs on the board.
You can do a good job or a bad job freezing eggs. Melbourne IVF is not the newest kid on the block. As a best practice IVF unit, Melbourne IVF has led the research on egg freezing over the last 30 years. Melbourne IVF is one of the very few treatment laboratories in Melbourne with a proven track record of achieving healthy live births from frozen eggs.

Cost cutting units who freeze but have no experience or facility for using frozen eggs are a major concern for women and potentially a recipe for future heartbreak and regret.

The kind of care I would want for myself.

At Women’s Health Melbourne and through my relationship with Melbourne IVF, my patients receive boutique, individualized care. Unlike many doctors, I plan and monitor egg freeze treatments and perform my procedures personally. I am a CREI trained fertility specialist (highest level qualification) and hold a PhD in preconception health promotion. My dedicated research and long-term clinical involvement in the area of elective egg freezing has been a professional passion as I truly believe this technology has the potential to benefit so many women. I have developed targeted, personalized strategies to obtain optimal results for my patients.

With egg freezing, you get what you pay for.
Cost cutting in egg freezing is often achieved by cutting corners. Here is the check list of what you need to achieve best patient outcomes in egg freezing:

1. A high quality fertility consultation to work out which strategic options are best for you. Egg freezing is one of many options to help a women plan her family

2. A best practice laboratory with a proven track record of making babies from frozen eggs

3. Specialist planning and outcome monitoring during your treatment. Protocolised “one size fits all” programs are very unlikely to achieve your best outcome from egg freezing.

4. A good, comfortable anaesthetic for egg collection in a high quality operating theatre. Performing egg collection procedures under local anaesthetic as offered for cost cutting purposes can be really quite brutal for a woman to endure. Furthermore, this approach limits surgical operating time (due to patient discomfort) and makes the egg collection procedure much more difficult to perform for the surgeon. The result is generally fewer eggs collected, a more traumatizing patient experience and long term expected poorer pregnancy outcomes per treatment. Not such a bargain really.

5. Have the procedure performed by your chosen surgeon. Like all areas of medicine, there exists variation in surgical operator dexterity, precision, skill and experience in the eg\g collection procedure.

6. Aftercare: choosing a specialist who, down the track, can help you have a baby.

For more information about the Women’s Health Melbourne approach to egg freeze click here to download the free information pack.


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