What is retrograde ejaculation?

Posted on 9 June 2020

Retrograde ejaculation refers to where instead of sperm shooting forwards when a man orgasms and ejaculates, the sperm shoots backwards. Instead of coming out, sperm may go into a man’s bladder instead.
This problem may occur if a man has had a previous spinal cord injury or is born with a spinal cord problem. It can also happen to men who have other neurological problems including as a consequence of diabetes.
Men who suffer retrograde ejaculation can have children but are likely to need specialist help to retrieve sperm for IUI or IVF treatment.
What issues in their past might make a man infertile? – Blog
Here is a list of concerns that may cause male infertility:
• Undescended testes at birth:

Testes like to be a lot cooler than core body temperature. If your testes did not descend normally when you were a baby, especially if surgical correction was delayed, your sperm production may not ever recover. Many men born with undescended testes can make enough sperm to conceive through IVF and ICSI, but cannot conceive naturally without help.

• Karyotype imbalances:

This type of genetic problem can occur in an individual at random and can also pass in families. One common cause of male factor infertility is Klinefelter syndrome, where a man has an extra X chromosome. Other causes include chromosome rearrangements that can run in families. Often there may be a family history of multiple miscarriages when this happens, although this history may often not have been disclosed.

• Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

A previous STI like chlamydia or gonorrhoea can result in blockages in the “pipes” of the testes, meaning sperm cannot escape the body. This will be picked up in a semen analysis showing no sperm and normal hormones on a blood test (obstructive azoospermia).

• Testicular or other cancers

If you have had a cancer, especially if you have had chemotherapy, you may experience a complication of infertility. If you have had a recent cancer diagnosis, hopefully you may have been offered the opportunity to freeze sperm for the future. This may not have been an option if you had cancer before puberty.

• Testicular surgery, hernia surgery or groin injury

Surgery around the groin area can provoke antibody formation causing an autoimmune response attacking sperm. Surgery can also cause injury to the spermatic ducts which carry sperm out of the body. Both these problems can cause male factor infertility.


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