New research shows egg quality can be improved with nicotinamide

Posted on 10 July 2020

Further evidence has been published documenting a role for nicotinamide, otherwise known as NAD+, an activated B group vitamin, in oocyte health, especially in older women.
Egg quality decline is a concern for all women as we age, and it seems anything we can do to support the oocyte has the potential to improve IVF outcomes. This may especially be the case for women on the cusp of needing to make the challenging decision to abandon fertility treatment or pivot to IVF using donor eggs.
My patients who have been using my personally formulated supplements have been taking nicotinamide already.
This new study by my Virtus Health colleague  Prof Hayden Homer, suggests that taking a nicotinamide supplement is a very good idea for women attempting pregnancy at advanced maternal age (over 35 years).
Vegemite is a great B vitamin supplement many of my patients are familiar with, seems we Aussies have been long ahead of the game.


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