Myth 3: Egg collection is simple

Posted on 30 April 2018

Egg collection is a precise, delicate, transvaginal procedure, where a needle is passed through the roof of the vagina, directly into both ovaries to collect your eggs. While it is possible to collect eggs under local anaesthesia, a true sedation anaesthetic is definitely superior, both in terms of patient comfort, and also allowing your surgeon to take the time needed to try to collect every egg.

A patient can only endure a procedure without anaesthesia for a very short time and in my practice, I treat all patients under sedation anaesthesia managed by a specialist Anaesthetist.

In my experience, the procedural success of egg collection, like all surgical operations, is influenced by the skill of the operating surgeon.

This is particularly important in more production line style cost-cutting clinics, where the doctor of the day may be vastly less qualified than the advertised clinic medical director.

Egg collection is the culmination of the entire process. I treat my patients at Melbourne IVF, a world standard laboratory and purpose-designed surgical facility where I perform all fertility procedures personally.

For more information about the Women’s Health Melbourne approach to egg freeze click here to download the free information pack.


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