Myth 2: The process of egg freezing is easy

Posted on 12 April 2018

From a doctor’s point of view, the process is relatively easy, but many of my patients tell me certain elements of treatment can be stressful. It is hard for some people to be able to self administer injected medication. This can be a big psychological hurdle. Reassuringly most women overcome initial nervousness and cope well. Medications given during egg freezing treatments are time specific and any errors in their administration can result in unintended ovulation. A woman freezing her eggs is on a schedule. She must be on top of her injections, plan and attend treatment monitoring appointments around her normal work load, and arrange time off for her egg collection procedure and recovery. This is all totally do-able for most women, but I wouldn’t describe it as easy.

For more information about the Women’s Health Melbourne approach to egg freeze click here to download the free information pack.


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