Lovers. Pleasure Prescribed

Posted on 10 June 2021

Introducing Lovers, bespoke lubricants and intimate skincare solutions, personalised to your needs. Designed by Dr Raelia Lew, Lovers products focus on enhancing and promoting female pleasure. Whether you wish to boost your libido, achieve easier ascent to orgasm, or address specific concerns relating to intimate wellness, there is a perfect Lovers product for you.

Our formulas are made to order, bespoke with no preservatives or nasties. Fertility friendly Smooth Love is perfect to help keep conception sex fun and comfortable.

Eternal Love formulae help negate changes of menopause and other causes of oestrogen deficiency such as breastfeeding.

Real Love supports the vaginal microbiome, helping prevent recurrence of thrush and other imbalances.

Easy Love helps achieve relaxation using CBD, assisting women to overcome vaginismus and reduce threshold to orgasm.

Our formulas combine medical know how with a female focus, using tactile principles from deluxe skin care research to create a unique, bespoke experience for our patients.

Let us help you find your perfect Lover. Email us for personalised advice on what is the best formula for your needs.


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