Likelihood of IVF success

Posted on 17 January 2019

Artificial Insemination. The concept of conceiving a child.

What can couples do to improve their likelihood of success through IVF?

Choosing a CREI qualified fertility specialist

CREI fertility specialists have been comprehensively trained to diagnose and treat all male and female causes of infertility, from the most simple to the most complex cases. Not every couple who attempt IVF will have a baby. The care you have can influence your chance of success.

Choosing the best laboratory

Women’s Health Melbourne are proud to partner with Melbourne IVF, achieving the best pregnancy outcomes for the most patients in Victoria in the 2018 released VARTA report.

IVF at the best laboratories is more expensive. This is because we invest in the best technology, research and people power to achieve the best care and outcomes for our patients.

Don’t leave it too late

IVF success is much more easily won using younger more fertile eggs. As a woman ages beyond 35 years, egg quality and quantity decline dramatically. Embryo quality does too and it usually takes more IVF treatments to find the golden egg and golden embryo that will become your baby. Making the decision to turn to IVF in as timely a manner as practical can improve a couple’s probability of success.

Put embryos in the freezer for baby number two (or three) 

If you are attempting parenthood for the first time at an older age, consider embryo banking if your dream is to have more than one child. For many couples who succeed in becoming parents through IVF, this can make the difference as to whether they will ultimately be able to have more than one child. This is because your chance of IVF success rapidly declines in the necessary interval between the conception of your baby and your next attempted pregnancy.

Consider an egg donor

If you have suffered IVF failure with multiple treatments resulting in poor outcomes due to age related low egg and embryo quality and number, using eggs from a younger egg donor might be the best answer to help you have a baby.


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