Knocked Up Podcast – What we need to know about IVF being on hold with Dr Raelia Lew

Posted on 16 January 2022

We are completely devastated by the indiscriminate decision to stop all elective surgery, including IVF and egg freeze. Raelia explains the health order and answers your questions on what impact this will have.
The good news – we’ve been here before and we know we’ll get through it.
  • Difference between Elective and Emergency
  • How long do you expect this delay?
  • What would you recommend people ask about/consider for their first appointment?
  • What can we do? Why can we do these things?
  • What should you patients who were expecting to start now be doing?
  • How is Egg Freeze affected and how should people considering EF proceed
  • Exceptional circumstances – needing IVF for low AMH/Age/Genetic reasons/miscarriage/endo/other pathology?
  • Will there be a waitlist/backlog when fertility services recommence? And surgeries?
  • Do we still need to test and isolate prior to embryo transfer?
  • Protecting mental health in this time


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