Knocked Up Podcast – The Role of Nutrition with Dietitian Wendy Fedele

Posted on 31 May 2021

How does diet and nutrition play a part in the management of PCOS? Wendy Fedele joins us to talk about how she helps women with a bespoke approach to diet.

As an accredited Practicing Dietitian, and a mum herself, Wendy loves working with women during the perinatal period to optimise their diet and provide their babies with the best possible start to life. With a Master’s degree in Dietetics and clinical hospital experience, she has the skills and expertise to translate the evidence into individualised nutrition advice to help women, and their babies thrive.

As our resident Dietitian at Women’s Health Melbourne Wendy is here to offer support and guidance to women during pre-conception, pregnancy and beyond.

To learn more about how Wendy can support you and your menstrual cycle click here to make an appointment.


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