Knocked Up Podcast – The Covid-19 Vaccine and Reproductive Health with Dr Preeya Alexander

Posted on 4 October 2021

This episode was recorded on Monday 27th September. All information contained is relevant up until that date.

To discuss the latest information regarding the Covid-19 vaccines we welcome back Dr Preeya Alexander.

We discuss:

  • the vaccine technology is so new, how do we know its safe
  • What is the difference between DNA and mRNA, and can the mRNA change my DNA
  • Why is it exciting when science and the medical advice changing something we should get excited about?
  • Why are pregnant women more at risk from infection?
  • Who has approved the use of the covid vaccine on pregnant women
  • Why are pregnant women and children excluded from clinical trials?
  • Can the vaccine cause miscarriage? And where did this myth start?
  • Are we seeing an impact on fertility treatment in people who have been vaccinated?

Dr Preeya’s recommended sources for information:

  • Your GP
  • MVEC – Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre
  • NCIRS – National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance


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