Knocked Up Podcast – Ovulation Q & A with Dr Raelia Lew

Posted on 7 March 2022

Today’s episode of Knocked Up on ovulation is out now! 

We answer your questions about ovulation including:

  • What is ovulation?
  • How do you know if you’re ovulating?
  • What is the most common sign of ovulation and the most reliable way to track
  • Are the ovulation kits worth the $$ if you don’t have any signs, ie pain, discharge
  • How do you know when to try?
  • How often should you have sex to conceive when ovulating
  • I don’t get period cramps but I do cramp when I’m ovulating, why?
  • Recently diagnosed with PCOS. What can I do to track ovulation so I know its actually happening or not?
  • Can we ovulate on day 10 one month, then day 14 the next?
  • Ovulation after birth, how do you know if you don’t have your period yet?
  • How soon after a chemical pregnancy should I expect to ovulate?


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