Knocked Up Podcast – Ovulation Induction with Dr Tzippora Ben-Harim

Posted on 11 May 2021

Ovulation disorder will be diagnosed in 1 in 4 couples with infertility. PCOS accounts for the largest group in ovulation disorders and accounts for 70-85%.

In order to manage the patient optimally, we need to have an understanding of the underlying cause. Correct diagnosis leads to a better treatment plan and can have general health implications later in life.

So what is Ovulation Induction as a treatment and how does it work?

Dr Tzippora Ben- Harim is a broadly trained specialist gynaecologist and provides expert management of uterine bleeding problems, contraception and colposcopy. Her special interests include ovulation induction, urogynacology and urinary continence control, vaginal prolapse and holistic menopause symptom management.


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