A modern holistic approach to fertility management

Posted on 28 April 2018

Women’s Health Melbourne take a modern holistic approach to fertility management. To achieve your best chance of IVF success, we support optimising every aspect of your health, including your mental health and wellbeing.


Dr Raelia Lew strongly believes that being able to diffuse stress, and to consciously be kind to yourself will not only enhance your fertility treatment experience but could actually influence your ultimate successful outcome.

There is compelling scientific research that supports the fact that mindfulness can reduce the impact of stress on the body.


Dr Raelia Lew, Women’s Health Melbourne and Melbourne IVF are proud to support Mindful in May, the world’s largest online mindfulness meditation training program and fundraising campaign and we encourage our patients to participate. The Mindful in May program starts Tuesday May 1st.


The program features the world’s best mindfulness experts and neuroscientists who will be sharing science backed tools to help you manage stress more effectively, build resilience and flourish in life.


You can register to participate here:


The program features exclusive video interviews with some of the world’s best experts in mindfulness and wellbeing and a daily email during May to keep you on track with your meditation.


The guided meditations are really relevant to IVF, designed to help you feel more relaxed, get better sleep, be kinder to yourself, be less emotionally triggered, be more patient and kind in your relationships, manage emotions like fear, anxiety and anger with greater self-awareness and less reactivity.


We hope you enjoy this great program and would love to hear your feedback.









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