For Patients

First Visit

Please bring the following things with you to your first visit:

  • A referral letter from your GP (Couples trying to conceive may use a joint referral: this must name both partners).
  • Copies of operation reports from any gynaecological surgeries you may have had in the past.
  • Copies of imaging reports and ideally the images themselves of any investigations you have recently undertaken.
  • For patients seeking fertility advice, having basic tests can help make a your initial appointment more informative. You may ask your GP to refer you for the following tests and bring your results on the day of your appointment.  It is your responsibility to source the results from your GP or previous Doctor before your appointment and provide to Dr Lew’s rooms. 

Relevant tests for women:
Blood Group, FBE, HIV, HEP B, Hep C, Syphilis, Rubella, Varicella, TSH, PRL, FSH, Oestrogen, HBA1C, VIT D, Karyotype and AMH. Other investigations may be relevant for specific conditions such as PCOS.

Vaginal bacterial swab for microscopy and culture including assessment for mycoplasma and ureaplasma.

Pelvic Ultrasound assessment.

Relevant tests for men:
HIV, HEP B and Hep C  and Karyotype.

Semen Analysis and anti-sperm antibody test.