Egg Freezing – Beyond the Hype

Posted on 13 March 2018

Egg freezing is no longer an experimental technology and has become a routine feature of every modern woman’s vocabulary. This week, Courtney Kardashian has become the lastest of many celebrities to announce she plans to freeze her eggs.

Egg freezing, understandably, is surrounded by a lot of hype. From many clinics, unfortunately, the science of egg freezing is surrounded by cliché and aggressive patient-focused marketing. When thinking about freezing your eggs, it is important to be counseled realistically about your potential outcomes. Averages are meaningless if your situation is not average. Some women are poor candidates for egg freezing and even some good candidates may be disappointed long term if they were not encouraged to freeze enough eggs to begin with.

Dr Raelia Lew is a recognized expert in Egg Freezing and all aspects of Male and Female Fertility. She is a passionate champion of empowering women’s reproductive freedom. It is important when assessing your fertility specialist to ensure that their practice is inline with your individual needs.

For more information about the Women’s Health Melbourne approach to egg freeze click here to download the free information pack.


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