Knocked Up is co-hosted by Dr Raelia Lew of Women’s Health Melbourne and Jordi Morrison. It’s an accessible podcast that answers all your questions about fertility, pregnancy and women’s health.

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Knocked Up Podcast – Hello LOVERS….

Posted on 18 October 2021

Having recognised that intimate moisturisers on the market have failed to meet women’s needs, we created LOVERS. Benefit from our extensive research and practical experience. We discuss: Silicone vs Water/Aqueous base Crazy Love – Sildenafil (viagra) and testosterone for women Easy Love – Cannabidiol (CBD oil) for pelvic pain relief and intense orgasms Smooth Love … Continue reading

Knocked Up Podcast – Finding balance with Naturopath Georgia Borowski

Posted on 18 June 2021

Concluding our series ‘Personalising PCOS’ we speak with Georgia, our Naturopath at WHM, on how she can help you manage hormonal acne and regulate your cycle though nutrition, lifestyle and herbs. Georgia is passionate about supporting women. She cherishes being able to help patients through preconception care, pregnancy and post natal care. As a mother … Continue reading

Knocked Up Podcast – High Risk Pregnancies with Dr Annie Kroushev

Posted on 7 June 2021

Dr Annie Kroushev is a subspecialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) of whom there are only a few in Australia. To care for such patients to the highest standards, Annie pursued additional qualifications completing a further three years of formal training to become a MFM specialist. This is a subspecialty of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, which … Continue reading