Healthy Sperm: Myths, Truths and Missing Links

Posted on 15 December 2017

When you and your partner are trying to conceive, you want to give your baby the best start in life. From a man’s perspective, that means achieving the best sperm health. There is a lot said in the media about sperm. This article is to clarify what may be a myth, what we know to … Continue reading

Vitamins, Antioxidants and Sperm – what might help you get pregnant?

Posted on 24 July 2017

Sperm problems can be multifactorial, and many times can remain unexplained. It is accepted that oxidative stress has negative effects on sperm quality and function, through increased DNA fragmentation, reduced motility (swimming ability) and by increasing the percentage of sperm with abnormal morphology (sperm shape and structure). Many studies have reported beneficial effects of antioxidant … Continue reading

Two to tango: What is male infertility?

Posted on 6 February 2017

Half of all infertile couples have some form of male factor involved. For 30% of couples, a male factor is the main reason they cannot easily conceive together. Problems with sperm production, movement or shape are common. Some men form antibodies against their own sperm (anti-sperm antibodies). Chromosome or DNA problems cause some men to … Continue reading