Lovers. Pleasure Prescribed

Posted on 10 June 2021

Introducing Lovers, bespoke lubricants and intimate skincare solutions, personalised to your needs. Designed by Dr Raelia Lew, Lovers products focus on enhancing and promoting female pleasure. Whether you wish to boost your libido, achieve easier ascent to orgasm, or address specific concerns relating to intimate wellness, there is a perfect Lovers product for you. Our … Continue reading

Knocked Up Podcast – Exercise for pregnancy for fertility, bump and after baby

Posted on 19 April 2021 In this episode we’re welcoming Kath Baquie, physio for women and founder of Fitnest Mama who is with us today to speak about Exercise for pregnancy for Fertility, bump and after baby Kath shared her top tips for exercising before getting pregnant exercising during pregnancy and exercising for that after birth recovery, and post natal … Continue reading

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB)

Posted on 13 December 2020

How do we know if we’re experiencing AUB? We look at the definition – what is the quantity, the average duration of menstruation and the frequency. Then we look at what is normal? The average is that a woman will get her period every 28 days but normal could be anything between 24-38 days, lasting … Continue reading