Can you drink during egg freezing?

Posted on 28 March 2019

Pretty young pregnant woman holding a bottle of wine and glass and deciding whether to drink wine or not

This is a question patients ask me all the time. There have never been any clinical trials on this subject so the following advice is based on my (expert) opinion.

There is no reason that completely abstaining from alcohol during egg freezing treatment is necessary. A social glass of wine here and there will not adversely impact your egg quality. Remember as women we have made all the eggs for our reproductive lifetime before birth – they have been with you for every drink you have ever had.

During pregnancy, the reason we avoid alcohol is that it can pass via the placenta and cause damage to the developing fetus. The eggs in their follicles in contrast are relatively protected – even our bloodstream doesn’t directly communicate with them. Even though tee-totalling isn’t necessarily  one of them, there are lots of things you can do to improve the health of the eggs that you freeze.

Act sooner rather than later

Younger eggs have better future potential and freezing eggs when you are younger is more cost effective. You can achieve more eggs per treatment of better quality earlier in life.

Focus on your general health

Treat your body kindly. Exercise. Eat well. Use helpful supplements if advised based on your circumstances

Don’t get drunk

And don’t use party drugs during your cycle. These could interact badly with your prescribed medications or cause you to oversleep and forget to take medications where timing is critically important.


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