Artificial intelligence in IVF: Meet Ivy

Posted on 31 August 2018

Melbourne IVF as a part of Virtus Health are leading the field by leaps and bounds, introducing the world’s most technological advanced tools to select successful embryos, making healthy babies.

Known as “Ivy” the new method uses computer generated artificial intelligence to analyse every moment of embryo development within the Embryoscope Plus video surveillance incubator.

Watching and analysing how your embryos behave helps us to predict which embryo will be your baby. Ivy’s artificial intelligence methods which are accurate, unbiased and non-subjective remove any room for human error when judgments are made as to which embryo to put back in your first cycle.

These incredible scientific developments, lead by our Melbourne IVF Scientific Director and leading world expert Professor David Gardiner, are among the many aspects of advanced science and technology investment that makes Women’s Health Melbourne so proud to partner with Melbourne IVF to bring our patients the ultimate in care.


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