Research Projects & Publications

Current Research projects

  • Dr Raelia Lew is the lead research author of Australia and New Zealand’s first clinical guidelines on elective egg freezing.
  • PhD co supervisor for Sherine Sandhu investigating ‘Supporting women considering elective egg freezing: Exploration of behaviours and evaluation of an online decision aid.’
  • Melbourne IVF Antioxidant trial: enriching culture
    media for improved IVF outcomes
  • Melbourne IVF Artificial Intelligence trial: learning
    from video surveillance of IVF embryos for non-
    invasive best embryo selection
  • Eggsurance: NHMRC co-investigator of a decision
    aid for women considering elective oocyte
  • Examining the experience of parenthood for women
    in medicine



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  • Lew, R et al, Ashkenazi Jewish population screening position paper, Human Genetics Society of Australasia. View more.